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CNY Fair Housing introduces
Run The Redline!

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Run the Redline is a 5K Run and 3K Roll/Stroll event that traces a portion of the infamous 'redline' that helped segregate Syracuse. During the Great Depression, the Federal Government worked with local officials and real estate professionals to draw maps that placed red lines around neighborhoods deemed too risky to receive federal housing assistance. These 'redlining' maps deprived Syracuse's most racially integrated neighborhoods of opportunity, and their effects can still be felt today.

Take a deeper dive into the history of redlining in Syracuse: 

More Resources:

Zoning and Segregation in Syracuse, NY (report prepared by CNY Fair Housing)

Syracuse, NY on Mapping Inequality

Check out photos from our event on Sunday, September 17, 2023

All photos:


Thank You To Our Sponsors!


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For general race questions or concerns, please get in touch with our Director of Community Engagement, Tysha Martin at:

For race sponsorship, please contact our Grants Manager, Alex Dukat, at:

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